viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010


I found a little book called "101 American English Riddles" by Harry Collis. It helps ESL students to understand Language and Culture through humor. In its foreword the author wrote:
"...In learning a language, people reach a point where they are comfortable enough to start using word games, puns, double entendres, and even idioms in joking. Such words are often used in short puzzles called riddles./..One interesting feature of riddles is that they appeal to all age groups, from the wise-and experienced to the very young..."

Here some of them: Can you guess the answer? (I PART)

1- If you have five potatoes and you have to divide them equally among three people, what should you do?

2-A girl was nine on her last birthday, and she will be eleven on her next. How is this possible?

3- If you count twenty horses on your right going into town, and twenty horses on your left coming home, how many horses have you counted in all?

4- If it takes three minutes to boil an egg, how long will it take to boil three eggs?


1. Mash them first!

2. Today is her tenth birthday!

3. Twenty. You count the same horses coming and going!

4. Three minutes, if they are in the same pot!

To solve these riddles, you have to distinguish the meanings of the compound words from the meanings of their separate parts.

1-What is a doughnut? - Someone who is crazy about money!

2- What kind of pool can´t you swim in? -A car pool!

3- Why did the little boy throw the butter out the window? -To see a butterfly!

4- Why did the boy throw a bucket of water out the window?- To see a waterfall!