sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Some rhymes to learn / Algunas rimas para aprender

1.-  Would you like some orange juice?

        I´m giving it a squeeze.

        Would you like a nice long  drink?

         Oh, yes, please!

2.     A rabbit is a pretty pet.

        Would you like a frog?  

         Would you like an elephant?
          I´d rather have a dog!

3.      It´s time to do your homework.

         Would  you like some ink?

         Would you like some paper?

         I'd rather have a drink!

4-      This is my favorite:  I have taught it for years!

          One, two
          Red and Blue

          Up and down

          yellow and brown

          bow to a queen
         orange and green

         Look at a kite

         Black and white!