lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Reading practice: The Farmer and his sons

There was once an old, dying farmer who had worked hard in his vineyard all his life.  Before he died he wanted to teach his three sons how to be good farmers.  So he called them to him and said, "My boys, before I die I want you to know that there is a great treasure buried in the vineyard.  Promise me that you will look for it when I am dead."

The sons promised  and  as soon as their father had died  they began looking for the treasure.  They worked very hard in the hot sun. Soon they had dug up every inch of the vineyard and all the time as they were working they wondered what their father had left for them.  In their minds they pictured boxes of gold coins, diamond necklaces and other such things. But they found not a single penny.  They were very upset. They felt that all their hard work had been for nothing.  But when the grapes started to appear on the vines and their grapes were the biggest and best in the neighbourhood, and they sold them for a lot of money.

Now they understood what their  father had left for them and they lived happily and wealthily ever after.

(This story is one of Aesop´s fables.)