viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

Project: Reading Literature for mastering English

GEOFFREY CHAUCER (1340? - 1400) English

...Chaucer loved his country and his countrymen, and knew them well.  As a man of affairs, he had opportunities to meet men and women of all types and characters.  He rubbed shoulders with them in the narrow, crowded lanes and alleys of workaday London...When later, he sat down to write his greatest work, he could turn his inward eye upon the individuals he had seen and select from among them typical representatives of the various trades, occupations, and professions of the age...

The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales

The accumulation of Chaucer´s experience with both men and books went into his Canterbury Tales; In fact, the Prologue, in which he introduces the pilgrims, is considered a source book of information on fourteenth-century England.  It is composed of character sketches of twenty-nine pilgrims, as seen through Chaucer´s eyes, with a few sly remarks about the thirtieth member of the group- Chaucer himself.  With a twinkle in his eye, he good-naturedly shares with his readers what he sees, and his readers quickly sense his feeling of fellowship, both with them and with the pilgrims.(Taken from England in Literature by Robert  C. Pooley, Paul Farmer, Helen Thornton, George K. Anderson - SCOTT, FORESMAN AND COMPANY)