viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

Poem: Another Day by John Cunliffe

Excellent for practicing vocabulary!


Boys shout,
Girls giggle,
Pencils write,
Squiggle squiggle.
Get it wrong,
Cross it out,                                                 Note:
Bell´s gone,                                                 Use the Dictionary on line on this page
All out!                                                        for the new vocabulary and pronunciation!
Balls bounce,
Hands clap,
Skipping ropes,
Slap slap.
By the wall,
Sara Williams,
Best of all.
Boys fight,
Girls flee,
Teacher´s gone
And spilt
His tea.
Clatter bang!
Big din,
Whistle goes,
All in!
All quiet,
No sound,
Hear worms,
Chalk squeaks,
Clock creeps,
Head on desk,
Boy sleeps.
Home time,
Glory be,
Mum´s got,
Chips for tea.
Warm fire,
Full belly,
Sit down,
Watch telly.
Bed time,
Creep away,
Dream until,
Another day.