sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012

Synonyms and their associations

a. ally, in war; partner, in business or sport; colleague at work; comrade, in socialism; companion, on a journey; mate, pal, chum, buddy are informal.

b. speak; utter a sound, an unkind word; preach a sermon; chat; gossip; debate a problem; make a speech

c. glance at the newspaper headlines; peep through a keyhole; peer through the darkness; scan the horizon; survey the scene; gaze into space, into someone´s eyes; stare at someone on the bus; glare in anger

d. nervous before an exam; apprehensive about what might happen; anxious about someone´s well-being; scared of spiders

e. adore one´s mother; worship God; revere someone´s memory; idolize a pop star

f. loathe the sight of something; dislike food; detest someone; can´t bear/stand something/someone; abhor

g. fracture a bone; shatter a glass; smash a window, wreck a car; demolish a building; crack a cup; ruin

h. repair a bike; patch trousers ; restore a painting; fix a leaking tap; darn a sock

i. appealing idea; tempting offer; seductive eyes; charming person; delightful children; pretty girl; handsome man

j. insane, lunatic, crazy person or idea; nuts, crackers, out of one´s mind

(HEADWAY , Teacher´s book -Advanced -Oxford English - John & Liz Soars)