sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012

Used to

Use used to + base form of the verb to talk about past habits or past situations that no longer exist in the present.  We usually use used to in sentences that contrast the past and the present. 

Sheila used to buy blue jeans. Now she prefers to wear skirts.
They used to go to Italy, but they haven´t visited this country any more.

Form the questions for all persons with did + use to

Did you use to come to this town?
Yes, I used to come here once a year
No, I didn´t use to come here

Don´t confuse used to + base form of the verb with the following expressions:

-be used to  (be accustomed to)
I´m used to drink lot of coffee (it means I am accustomed to drink much coffee)

-get used to (get accustomed to)
I can´t get used to wearing sweaters. ( It seems strange  to me  to wear sweaters)