sábado, 12 de abril de 2014

Reading Practice: Questions

Read aloud :

Do you want potatoes or rice?
Do you want to run or walk?
Did you talk to John or Bill?
Would you like coffee or tea?
Would you like some fruit or some candy?
Is it sunny or cloudy?
Are you a student or a teacher?
Were you watching TV last weekend?
Do you want a shave or a haircut?
Did you stay home or go out?
Was she happy or sad?
Did you see her or talk to her?
Do you prefer going to the movies or staying home?
How much did you spend last weekend?
Have you seen a good film recently?
Did you take a plane yesterday?
How many books are there on the shelf?
Is there anybody here?
Are there any tomatoes in the refrigerator?
Where were you born?
When were you born?
How long have you been studying English?
Does she play the piano or the violin?
Would you like water or milk?
Shall we go for a drive or take a walk?
Who did you talk to?
What are you looking for?
How are things?
How are you doing?
How do you feel today?
What´s the matter with you?
What´s wrong with you?
What´s up?


Remember: Practice makes perfect!