viernes, 27 de junio de 2014

Basic English: Functional Level 1

 Practice Sentences: Intonation, verb tenses and structure


1. My brother has a headache.
2. Her sister has some ice skates.
3. Your father had a briefcase.
4. She was wearing a red sweater.
5. You can finish the next lesson.
6. I ate the food, but I wasn´t hungry.
7. I read the book, but I didn´t like it.
8. I made an appointment, but I didn´t keep it.
9.It was in the newspaper, but I didn´t see it.
10.I waited for an hour, but John didn´t come.
11. His name is John and he lives in France.
12. It was a good book, and I enjoyed it.
13.We went downtown and bought some new clothes.
14. He lives in New York and works at the United Nations.
15. He enjoys his work and he likes New York.


1. Bill can write, but he can´t spell.
2. Jim can swim, but he can´t dive.
3. John can see, but he can´t hear.
4. I made an appointment, but I didn´t keep it.
5. The reason for the delay wasn´t given.
6. We were in an accident, but we weren´t hurt.
7.  I lost the ticket and couldn´t find it.
8.  It was a long exercise, but I finished it.
9.  I studied the lesson, but I didn´t remember it.
10.The food wasn´t good, but I ate it.
11. It wasn´t easy, but I did it.
12. I drove the car , but I was careful.
13. I was tired and went to bed.
14 .He was late and missed his bus.
15 .He´s not English, and he´s not French.
16. I have two sisters, and he has four brothers.
17. He leaves at nine, and returns at five.
18. He joined a circus and traveled to Europe.
19. He went to the opera, and saw a fine performance.

1. I know John, but I don´t know Bill.
2. We saw the movie, but we didn´t like it.
3. It was her birthday, and I bought a nice gift.
4. He speaks English, but he doesn´t speak Chinese.
5. I read books, but I don´t read magazines.
6. He looks at television, but he doesn´t like it.
7. I went to the lecture, but I didn´t  understand it.
8. She went to the store and bought some groceries.
9. He wote the letter, but he never mailed it.
10. We went to the meeting and had a good time.


1. I´m glad to know you, Miss Green.
2 .Mrs. John, I want you to meet Mr Smith.
3 .Bill, I want you to meet Helen.
4. Miss John, this is Mr Wilson.
5.Barbara, thi is Henry
6. Helen, this is Mary Smith.


1.When are yu leaving, Bill?
2. Why did you do it, Henry?
3. What is your name, little boy?
4. When did you see it, Bob?
5. Where did you hear it, Jack?
6. Why couldn´t you come, Barbara?
7. When are you planning to study, June?
8. What are you doing, little girl?

1.I hope you can come, Miss Jones.
2. Mother needs your help, Harriet.
3. I don´t know, Dr. Smith.
4. She wants to know, Herbert.
5. We don´t remember, Mrs  Johnson.
6. We haven´t met Mary.
7. I don´t know  Miss Jones.
8. He doesn´t remember Mary.
9. I can´t hear John.
10. I´ll never forget Henry.
11.I haven´t written mother.
12. She hasn´t called Barbara.

(taken from the Book Stress and Intonation)