martes, 29 de julio de 2014

Programa Inglés: Useful Verbs / Verbos útiles

List of useful verbs / Lista de verbos útiles

In English: the word "to" is placed before the verb to express an infinitive verb, that is a non-conjugated verb.
In Spanish: verbs end in "ar", "er" or "ir" to express an infinitive, that is a non-conjugated verb.

 Can you complete this chart adding present, past and past participle?

To be  / ser o estar
to eat    / comer
to drink   / beber, tomar
to take    /agarrar, tomar
to write  / escribir
to read   / leer
to speak  / hablar
to play  / jugar
to want / querer
to like / gustar
to get  / obtener
to get up / levantar(se)
to brush / cepillar(se)
to clean / limpiar
to stay / quedar(se)
to do / hacer
to make / hacer (construir)
to see / ver
to watch / mirar
to wash/ lavar
to wear / usar (ropa o accesorios)
to use / usar
to go / ir
to come / venir
to sleep / dormir
to prefer / preferir
to talk / hablar
to need / necesitar
to pay / pagar
to remember / recordar

 Are you able to make sentences in the following tenses?

Present- Past- Present Cotinuouos- Past Continuous- Future- Present Perfect- Past Perfect.

Great! Time to learn new verbs in your progama Inglés