lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2014

Choosing the correct sentence

One sentence has a mistake.

1. a) Yesterday was more hot than today
    b) Yesterday was hotter than today

2.  a) She´s taller than her brother
     b) She´s taller that her brother

3.  a) I´m the most young in the class
     b) I´m the youngest in the class

4.   a) Last week was busier than this week
      b) Last week was busyer than this week

5.  a) Is this table more small than the desk?
     b) Is this table smaller than the desk?

6.  a) My homework is the baddest in class
     b) My homework is the worst in the class

7.  a) Exercise 2 is the most difficult in the book
     b) Exercise 2 is the more difficult in the book.

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