domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

Literature: Emily Dickinson

Have you heard about this American poet?  Learn about her completing her biography.  Use the simple past tense form of the  following verbs :  address -appear -  be - become -  happen -  lead  -  leave  -  live  -  receive  -  wear  -  write  -  write

Emily Dickinson, one of the most popular American poets, _____________ from 1830 to 1886.

 She _____________about love, nature, and time.  These ______________ her favorite themes.

   Dickinson _____________ an unusual life.  After just one year of college, she _______________

a recluse-she almost never _______________ her house in Amherst, Massachussets.  At home, she

________________visitors, and she only _______________white.

 In addition to her poetry, Dickinson ____________________ many letters.  Other people always

__________________ the envelopes for her.  During her lifetime only seven of her 1,700 poems

_________________ in print-and this _____________without her knowledge or permission.

Excercise taken form the book "Focus in Grammar" by Fuchs, Bonner and Westheimer (Longman).