domingo, 31 de mayo de 2015

Some Common Separable Phrasal Verbs

Ask someone over  -  Invite to one´s home
bring  someone or something up   -  raise (children)
call something off     -  cancel
call someone up      -  phone
clean someone or something up    - clean completely
clear something up     - clarify
close something down- close by force
cover someone or something up     -cover completely
cross something out    - draw a line through
do something over      - Do again
drink something up     - Drink completely
drop someone or something off      - take someplace
figure something or someone out - understand (after thinking about)
fill something in           - ccomplete with information
fill something out         - complete (a form)
find something out       - learn information after looking for
give something up        -quit, abandon
hand something in        -submit work (to a boss/teacher)
hand something out      -distribute
help someone out         -assist
keep someone or something away  -  cause to stay at a distance
lay someone off           -end employment
leave  something on      - not to remove (a piece of clothing, jewelry)
leave something out     -omit
let  someone off            - allow to leave (a bus/car)
light  something up       -illuminate